Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up

Trey just keeps producin great music. I swear this man never fails. R&B’s Wonder Boy killed the track with Nicki the Ninja. Trey always comes with somethin catchy but Nicki KILLED this track. She redefined MURDER&MAYHEM. I mean who can do a super speed verse in a chipmunk voice, still enunciate, and continually lay down complex rhymes? Nicki Minaj thats who. I swear I’m on her jock so hard. She gives me so much hope, I swear I thought commercial femcees were limited to blowjob rhymes.

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Plies – Bruh Bruh

If this aint the most repetitive shit I’ve ever heard. Strangely enough I can’t stop listenin to it! I don’t have the heart to count how many times this nigga said “Bruh Bruh” in the whole song. He says it after EVERY line Verses and Hook. Check it out… I guarantee its a hate it or love it track.

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All I Want Is You – Miguel Ft. J. Cole

I’ve had this on repeat for the last week. Might be my new favorite song! Miguel has that smooth voice that’ll have you in a trance thinkin about the one that got away, while J.Cole adds the perfect touch with his Hova prodigy lyricism. They make a perfect combo for this great song. It’s a must add to any playlist. Check it out…

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Pretty In Pink : Summer Outfits

1. Tiered Magenta Skirt $29.90
2. Portrait Knit Top $4.50
3. Buckle Shoulder Bag $32.80
4. Flower Ring $25.99
5. Cat Eye Glasses $9.99
6. Layered Pearl Necklace $6.80
7. Satin Pumps $24.99

Total Price: $134.97

I was watching The Breakfast Club the other day, and got inspired by Molly Ringwald in all her red headed ness. The outfit took on a mind of its own but I can’t help thinking, Pretty in Pink. This outfit is sweet enough to make any girl feel like a Princess.

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Roscoe Dash – Show Out

Ok so I’m totally entertained. Georgia native Roscoe Dash has a serious southern swag, most of his lyrics aren’t discernible, at least to my ears, but the song makes you bounce and the video holds your attention. Check it out. Show out by Roscoe Dash.

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Thank Me Later : Drake – Miss Me

Wow, Drake….. Again. I swear I feel like I could have a blog JUST about Drake. This joint is beyond hot, I feel like everything hes comin out with is phenomenal.

“I’m bout my paper like a muthf-cking scratch and win
World Series attitude, champagne bottle life ,nothing ever changes
So tonight is like tomorrow night
I will have a model wife ,
Your b-tch is as hot as ice
Every time you see me I look like I hit the lotto twice”

What??! ugh so in love.

“Bills everywhere, trill everything ,and Drake just stand for Do Right And Kill Everything”

mannnnnn, hes got enough bars to fill up San Quentin, and I wouldn’t mind being in prison if his bars were around me. I don’t just nod my head when I listen to Drake, I’m fully entertained with no visual. Ho does he do that?

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Sean Garret Feat. Nicki Minaj – Get It All Music Video

Lovin the new Sean Garret Vid. Classic school theme but the song was fun, the girls were pretty and as always Nicki’s verse went hard. I noticed something in particular in this video that I really enjoyed, the featured video vixen had all the qualities of a sex kitten, tiny waist, round hips, big butt etc.etc. but she wasn’t trying to be too sultry if you get my meaning. She was happy and having fun, she wasn’t spending every minute in the video trying to fuck the camera with her eyes which actually made her more seductive, fancy that.

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